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Flourish Excel got rid of all my algae

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Well I finally found a local source of Flourish Excel. I was in the process of adding it into my tank when my little girl ran into me from behind. Needless to say I dumped quite a bit in. At least 5 times the recommended doseage. 2 days later my bba, spot, and green fuzz algae is gone. No sign of it anywhere. I think I like this stuff!
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I'm doing the 5X treatment with no luck. 58 gallon = 6 caps per day correct? Plus DIY CO2 set up. What gives?
Forgot to say, have BBA, BGA, Thread, and hair algae.
I found hydrogen peroxide to be much safer and cheaper to rid yourself of all algae. I dose 100ml every day for a week in my 58 gallon, and have nearly zero algae in the tank. No I'll effects to plants or fish. Sorry for your loss, maybe this can be an alternative. Oh, and bba turns a fluorescent Orange after being treated with H202 (hydrogen provide).

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They like all of my plants do very well. If you put it into a syringe and turn off your filtration while spot dosing you get very fast results. It will start to bubble (which is the H2O2 breaking down into H and O) and oxidize the algae.
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