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It has been a few years now since my 75 gallon Black Beard Algae nightmare scared me away.
This was a rather high-tech Co2 tank and as much as I studied and researched and as hard as I tried, I had no idea what I was doing and I got it all wrong, obviously.
BBA destroyed everything. I was unable to find a remedy. The tank was well stocked, so I was afraid to try overdosing anything like Excel.
I would love to start a small (20 Long) low-tech (NO tech) tank. I wish to plant it with easygoing live plants and no fish for a while. Eventually I'd like to have one Betta and a few Pencilfish. Maybe no Pencils, but for sure one single Betta.
I figure if BBA rears its hideous head, I could temporarily move the Betta and dump oceans of Excel on it.
Which brings me to my question. Is it pretty much unanimous - Excel (Metricide) will make my BBA nightmares go away?
Thank you for your help. I miss having a tank, but the BBA nightmares are still horrible and terrifying.
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