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Re: OK getting back to your original question.

I looked up the data on Kent RO Right and Seachem equilibrium and agree with you. Seachem's formula has too much K and Kent's has too much Cl. I probably would not use either of these.

This is what I do. I mix my city water with RO water until I get a conductivity of about 120 microS. Then I adjust the pH to 6.5 using dilute H2SO4.

I change 20% of my tank each week using this.

When I test the water I get 5 deg gH, 1-2 deg kH, ca/mg = 1.

Since I'm also growing plants, I add KHPO4, KNO3, CO2 Flourish Excel and a bunch of trace elements. All these plus fish food tend to increase conductivity.

At 180 - 200 microS, I start changing water with pure RO.
Adjusting pH with an acid like H2SO4 may work fine if you are an experienced aquarium keeper, and have some experience with using such acids. But, I would strongly recommend that most of us not do that. The higher pH we will live with is well worth avoiding the possible hazards of playing around with strong acids. This is just my opinion, of course.
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