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I used TMG for some time, then switched to Kent, then Flourish (primarily for the additional micros). Solely via observation (and completely anecdotally), I believe that Flourish iron doesn't remain available to plants as long as Fe in the old Kent formulation, chelated via edta.

Most of my tanks are moderately to strongly lit. I dose Flourish on a daily basis and notice a light, whitish cast imparted on water clarity on some days after dosing. It's not something just anyone would notice, but if you look at your setups daily and are familiar with their clarity it is definitely visible. I've begun dosing Flourish in the evenings (after lights out) to mitigate potential breakdown of its stabilizers and so that I don't have to see this opaqueness :shock:

In addition to Flourish, I use a couple of hydroponics-based micronutrient supplements with Fe just to cover my bases.

Erik Leung
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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