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Which one is better?

Flourish vs TMG?

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Which one is better? I've noticed TMG is much more expensive for the same amount, 500mL: $20 opposed to $5 for Flourish. And TMG has K, which I don't think Flourish has, but Flourish has many more trace elements. So which tends to give better results, and why is it better?
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Hi kekon,

Seachem's guaranteed analysis: Flourish contains 0.000036% Ni

They are talking about flourish NOT flourish trace!
So that's a third version of Ni contents you are getting here.

I took it from an original Seachem site which unfortunately no longer exists. And I double checked the data for correctness.

Those numbers were correct as of 2003... but the Ni value could have been a typo seeing the difference is leading zeros. However several elements have changed more than once since. Even N was increased from 0.04% to 0.07%. I will update those figures as soon as I locate an updated and complete listing. I would imagine some of the other products listed in the table have also been "improved" since then...
I did not vote since I have not used both. I use Flourish and it works great. I have thought about giving TMG a try, however it is expensive for quanties I would buy. The 5 litre bottle while affordable is way too much for my needs. I get flourish in a 2 litre bottle that lasts well over year.

I use Flourish and it works great
What amounts of Flourish do you dose ?
Flourish contents: Total Nitrogen (N): 0.04%; Available Phosphate (as P2O5): < 0.0100%; Soluble Potash (K2O): <0.0600%; Ca (Calcium): 0.1736%; Mg (Magnesium): 0.1154%; S (Sulfur): 0.2773%; B (Boron): 0.0096%; Br (Bromine(as bromide): 0.0001; Cl (Chlorine(as chloride): 1.15%; Co (Cobalt): 0.0004%; Cu (Copper): 0.0001%; I (Iodine (as iodide)): 0.0001%; Fe (Iron/Ferrous gluconate): 0.3886%; Mn (Manganese): 0.0125%; Mo (Molybdenum): 0.0015%; Ni (Nickel): 0.00036%; Rb (Rubidium): 0.0001%; Na (Sodium): 0.0743%; Sn (Tin): 0.000030%; V (Vanadium): 0.000030%; Zn (Zinc): 0.0004%; Arginine: 0.016%; Glutamate: 0.09%; Lysine: 0.03%; Tyrosine: 0.019%; Choline: 0.0004%; Inositol: 0.0011%; Biotin: 0.0004%; Niacin: 0.025%; Pantothenate: 0.0070%; RiboÅavin: 0.0020%;Thiamine: 0.0020%; Vitamin B12: 0.00009%; Vitamin C: 1.0%

I´ve checked in this site:

Composition figures are slightly diferent. Where do you get yours?


Should have included a "like both equally" type of option. Since I like both equally, I didn't vote.
For tanks with lower KH levels: both Flourish and TMG.

For tanks with higher KH levels: TMG.

So I didn't vote either!
TMG (or Tropica AquaCare Nutrition as it is know known) for me.

Two reasons. It does better in my hard water and I get it free from Tropica. :D
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