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Fluidized Bed Filters

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Has anyone tried these filters.

I was thinking of using one along with a separate pump as a second filter in a 135 gallon tank.

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When I was running a discus and angel hatchery, I had a DIY one of these (pretty simple to make) - and absolutely loved it.

But for a planted tank... er, why?

A cycled planted tank with a fair fishload will convert NH3+/NH4 to NO3 pretty fast - and a lot of it. I haven't used filters in years (w/exception of a Vortex every now and then)...

- Jeff
FB filters are the ultimate for biological filtration. I'd have to agree with tae, though, on a well planted tank, you really wouldn't need one.
Not to whore your thread but if you have a planted tank what type of filter should you use?

I have a 75 gallon lightly planted tank with two HOB filters using carbon filtration. Is this good or bad?

I don't use any filter at all - except a DE filter, and only when necessary. A Lot of people look to canisters - but focus on mechanical - the plants are your biological filter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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