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Single Chihiros light (13 inches shorter than the Fluval)
Plant Property Leaf Rectangle Botany

Fluval 3.0
Plant Plant community Light Rectangle Botany

Both Chihiros Pro 2
Plant Plant community Light Rectangle Wood

I decided on the upgrading the Fluval 3.0 to the Chihiros Pro 2. The Fluval was just not long or wide enough to light the entire tank effectively. I decided to swing for the fences and get a high quality light, so if I ever do decide to change it up from an El Natural to CO2 I won't have to buy different lighting.

As far as light is concerned, it blows the Fluval 3.0 out of the water. Being able to manipulate the color without losing the total light output makes alot of a difference. Fish actually hid under the leaves when the Chihiros are at full settings. Only for pictures should you ever put that light at full settings, its blinding. I'm only running the light at 40% now, will slowly play with it to see where It the sweet spot is.

Now for the downsides. One, there is no power button. In order to turn the lights off you have to go on the app and manually turn each of them off. With the Fluval, the light is fully functional and color changeable without the app.

The app itself is pretty bad. They market how you can have joint group control if you have multiple lights on a tank, but because one is a 90cm and the other is 60cm, the app doesn't see them as compatible for joint control. Not only can I not link them together, any saved settings (light color, automations, times) cannot be loaded from one light to the other. So you have to manually change each light individually without saved settings. I am more than upset about the lights being "incapable" with each other.

The Fluval app is very easy to set up, easy to make changes and schedules. The Chihiros app is awkward to use, changing settings isn't easy. you cant type in the time, have to use a dot on a circle that is super sensitive, so getting the time you want takes like 3-5 attempts.

The support for Chihiros is also non-existent. I ordered the hanging kit and shades from them over a month ago, and have been trying to get ahold of someone since the package got returned to sender in Shanghai two weeks ago. Still haven't heard back from them about the order, and can't get ahold of anyone to talk about the lights being "incompatible".

If Fluval made a wider, brighter light, I would never recommend Chihiros. for the cost of these lights, you would expect some kind of support and a quality app.

That being said, I love how my tank looks! Even the fish look better.

Also the shades are a must, unless you have the light resting on the tank.
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