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This is a great filter. I've had my first one for three years and my new one for three months. The quick disconnect from the hoses is unmatched,there's none better anywhere. It's somewhat hard to separate the motor housing from the base, but a kitchen butterknife remedies this. On reassembly you can cure any leaks by putting petroleum jelly on the O-ring. You can buy new O-rings from the Fluval parts store online although I haven't had to do this yet even with the old one. The filter has four media baskets so you can customize any type of biological, chemical, carbon, or finishing media that you can think of. The water flow is adjustable by a valve built into the top of the motor housing. Personelly I think this is a better filter than the 405. I recommend it to anyone.

ProsGreat disconnect system, four media baskets for customizing filtration, quiet, adjustable flow
ConsThe primer sucks, but if you fill the tank completely this can be overcome
Would you recommend?yes
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