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Has anyone used one of these ultrasonic foggers in their paludarium/vivarium?

I was wondering if the fogger can carry ferts in the vapor to the terrestrial plants.
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Hi, Cah925

I, for one, would advise against the use of that type of fogger. They're rather prone to heating up the water, and have a nasty tendency to fry the diaphragm motor after a while. Personally, I've had much success with the cheap personal humidifiers that you can purchase at nearly any local general store. I think I came upon mine at Wal-Mart :spy: You should be able to find some step-by-step guides on the web.

In brief, it costs less, keeps equipment out of the aquarium, and works much more reliably.

Good luck,
Just thought I would add that I've picked up several "cold-fogging" humidifiers at local thrift stores (like salvation army), for super-cheap ($1-3). They work really well for this type of application on a low setting with a timer.

I use the zoomed reptifogger. It sits on the outside of the tank and doesn't interfere with any of the inhabitant like the exo-terra models.... check it out...

ps. you can get it cheaper elsewhere... I just used this link to show it to you. :)
i agree with everyone on that the fogger will heat up the water, but what i did is put it on a timer. because of the timer it gives a chance for the water to cool down, and this will prolong the diaphragm. i know it sounds odd but i have built many paludariums and i have only had one of my tanks where the tank needed a new fogger, but that was after 2 years. the times where. 15min-on 2hr-off. 15on-3hr-off. 15on 2hr off. 15on 5hr off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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