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Ok, here I go. I changed my mind. This 40 breeder is going to be a planted tank. I'm thinking wood- scape and a foreground of eleocharis 'belem', but before I get all excited about that stuff, I need to buy all of the equipment :icon_roll.

I'm only going to go with an eheim 2217, maybe even a 2215, but I will have a koralia 2 in there to help out on flow.

I'm going to drill the tank and do loc-line returns like Tom Barr did on his 180 gallon tank

I'm going to get a fancy Victor CO2 regulator from GLA! Standard 5 lb tank, maybe a 10 lb-er if I can get a good price on one.

Aquasoil amazonia I. A catalina t5ho 39Wx4 fixture with only 2 or 3 bulbs in, suspended over the tank (even though it's not rimless :icon_sad:), and most likely a regular ceramic diffuser, maybe an in-line diffuser.

35-40 green neons, a trio of SAEs (maybe, I haven't made up my mind on if I want moss or not. Has anyone ever had a sae that didn't eat moss?), snowball shrimp, and amanos in there as well as some otos (maybe I'll have better luck with them this time)
Possible plants include:
eleocharis 'belem;
rotala 'colorata'
anubias 'petite'
java fern'trident'
java fern 'needle leaf'
ludwigia guinea 'broadleaf'
maybe some hm or lawnmarsh pennywort.

Well, enough talk, here's the progress so far :flick:

No, it will not stay in the corner like that :D

Now I gotta find a way to sell this $50 bag of sand that I already have :icon_roll At least I wasn't farther in before I changed my mind lol.

So here's my potential budget

  • Tank
  • Stand
  • GLA CO2 Regulator
  • Manzanita
  • CO2 Cylinder
  • Aqua Soil Amazonia I (three 9L bags in addition to the 6L I have already) - $112.26 (I might do mineralized soil...)
  • Eheim 2217 - $150
  • CO2 diffuser ~ $30
  • Catalina T5HO - $250

Getting there!


I was bored, so I figured that I'd test out how much the k4 would push in this tank, So I filled it up, and I noticed these

Bubbles between the two panes of glass in the silicone. I got this with my 20 gallon, but not to this degree. I'm thinking that it's because this tank is longer, and with no center brace, but I was freaked out that it was my stand. What do you guys think? I did a search on google, but couldn't really find much.


Look what came in the mail from GLA today :biggrin:




I got my wood from Tom Barr today! My CO2 cylinder should be here from GLA tomorrow!
Possible scape, from the top.


My tank is 18 inches from front to back

"substrate" level view

The only problem is that it's a bit tall for my 16" high tank :icon_neut: The bottom of the handles are where the waterline would be.

That's it for now!

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Looks like it is coming along just fine. I think the wood protruding from the water surface will add an extra effect to the tank. I love that piece of driftwood BTW.
Thanks! Everyone seems to think it's just one piece, but it's really four that I pieced together.
Oh, and I was going to say that you inspired the name of this tank, but I wasn't sure if you had an account over here :cool:
I think that emergent driftwood would be cool too because it adds an extra dimension, but since the tank has a rim it kinda takes away from the emergent wood, because you lose the shape of the piece as a whole because the rim cuts off the top four inches. I may have to upgrade the tank. Rimless tanks are just so nice once you get one, you don't ever want a tank with a rim again.

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Yes, I've had ones that were moss friendly, but not one that wouldn't jump out an uncovered tank.

Silicone looks fine to me:shrug:

Your equipment list is looking good, but the tank will look better if it contains something besides air....
Thanks for answering, minsc. I don't really mind silicone as much as I am bothered by the rim. I'm glad the my equipment list should work out well. I can't wait to set up the tank with water and plants :cool:

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Something about setting tanks up on snow days. I did it last year too. lol. Got the aquasoil on friday and I've been working on planting it and stuff since then. The substrate still isn't sloped entirely the way I want it (a little too high in th back left), but I'll fix that soon.
My emersed colorata finally got planted. I've been growing it emersed for like 5 or 6 months now (started from 3 stems)

I'm trying out lawnmarsh pennywort as my first foreground. I'll just change it if I don't like it. I also grew this stuff emersed for 5 or 6 months and it took over my 40 breeder. I didn't even use half of it in here

Not fully planted yet, but it will be soon. I still have a bunch of crypts and anubias petite to plant.
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