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Please read this entire post before posting or PMing me.

I've had this stuff sitting in a box for who knows how long and just never got around to setting it up because I thought I'd be moving. Never happened but now I need to clear out the front bedroom to make way for a roommate. The prices listed next to the items are current retail value.

Package includes:

1x ADA Cube Garden 45-P ($87.00)
1x 9L bag of AquaSoil Amazonia ($28.00)
1x 2L PowerSand Special S ($20.00)
1x Tourmaline BC ($16.00)
2x ADA 8000K 36W PC bulb, square pin ($32.00 each)

CO2 Gear
1x AquaticMagic nano diffusor ($10.00)
1x AquaticMagic Gamba XII Japanese Co2 bubble counter ($10.00)
1x 2.5lbs CO2 tank ($50.00)
1x AquaMedic dual gauge CO2 regulator with built-in needle valve ($100.00)

1x Rena Filstar XP1 ($90.00)
1x ZooMed mini pump ($10.00)

Those are current prices that I just looked up. I think that's over $450 total, not including shipping. I'd like to get $250 for it (which is a damn good price for unused products!) unless you have a Savage synthetic stock bolt action .308 or a bunch of .308 ammo you'd like to get rid of...but those aren't things people usually have laying around for trade (7.62x39 ammo is acceptable too.) ;) Cash money is king but PayPal or personal check are acceptable as well. I'll throw in some copies of AquaJournal too, just because I'm a nice guy like that.

Only interested in selling as a completely package. If you want to turn around and sell some of the stuff by parting it out, you wouldn't hurt my feelings. Local/regional pickup only. If you live kinda far away, I'd be willing to drive up to an hour away to meet you somewhere (if you live in Columbus, I can meet you in Daton.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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