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For Sale- Some stems and riccia

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EDIT: All for $22 shipped
ROTALA ROTUNDIFOLIA- lots of stems all for $8

HYGROPHILA DIFFORMIS- five good sized rooted stems, all for $5

Riccia- $3

Foxtail- not sure on scientific name, sold to me as foxtail, has a rusty red color which turns bright pink in good light $7

all of the plants shown is 12" ruler:

plants coming from this tank:

priority shipping is $6, I dont have any cold packs, so keep your weather in mind
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I'll also throw in a small oak leaf water sprite plant to the buyer
I can also throw in some hc trimmings (enough to cover a 6"x6" area) for free
alright, I'll let this package (minus the hc) go for $17 shipped! I will ship out monday!
1 - 8 of 9 Posts
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