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Ok, you want a 10 gallon planted tank. Here's my take on the way to do it right and not spend a lot of money.

Go to and get a 36 watt kit with bulb and an enclosure. If you have access to a drill and a screwdriver you can assemble this in about an hour. Then get a custom piece of glass cut for the top of the 10 gallon tank to avoid the nasty hinge in the middle. Use DIY CO2, 1 or 2 2 liter bottles with a Hagen bubble counter/ramp. Pressurized CO2 on a 10 gallon tank is IMHO overkill of the worst kind. Buy a bag of Flourite or Eco-Complete for the substrate. Get some basic nutrients from Mix all this together and grow happy plants. If you have questions E-MAIL me. You can find my address in my FAQ.
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