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I was on a site that had an online calculator for CO2 level based on reading the pH of the water then shaking the sample until the CO2 was driven out and reading the pH again. Unfortunately something in their formula was wrong and the answer didn't make sense.

I did a little algebra and came up with this equation.

Let a = pH before shaking
Let b = pH after shaking

CO2 = 2 x 10^7-b / 10^7-a

Could anyone tell me if there is any flaw in my assumptions or math. I assumed that the CO2 level after shaking is equal to 2ppm ? because that is the value I get by the formula used in the standard charts based on KH and pH when I test my tap water.

I have an acidic substrate so the standard formula doesn't work for me, and I'm too lazy and cheap to mess with a drop checker.
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