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SCAPE is going thru some major renovations, and the first, and possibly most important of them is to open up FULL SCAPE MEMBERSHIP to anyone who wants to join as absolutely NO CHARGE.
There are no requirements or pre-requisites to join other then you have to be a willing participant, have an interest it Planted tanks and live on planet earth.

If you never joined because you didn't want to pay or couldn't afford to pay, NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN.
If you LEFT SCAPE because you didn't want to re-new your membership because you didn't think you were getting your money's worth, we welcome you back with open arms. Though we can't refund any member dues that were paid, we can promise you a WHOLE NEW SCAPE that is sure to make up for any shortcomings in the past.

If you live on the east coast or across the lake and want to join because you have family in San Diego, CA that you visit every other year and you want to get to know some of us because you might be in town one weekend that coincides with a SCAPE meeting and you want to join us, come to SCAPE and join, post as often as you like, we love any and all members who help grow our site and our hobby.

If you want to check out another Plant Tank Site because all you do all day is sit in front of the computer going back and forth from all the Plant Tank Sites hitting "new Post" on one, seeing nothing, going to the next and hitting "NEW Post", seeing nothing, going to the next and hitting "NEW Post", and seeing nothing, going to the next and hitting "NEW Post", and see nothing and go back to the first and keep going until you finally see a NEW POST on one of the sites and then you reply, then go and hit "NEW Post" and see nothing, then go to the next site and hit "NEW Post", and see nothing and go to the next site, and so on and so on and so on and so on.
If that describes you and you desperately NEED a new forum to post on?

We are FREE*

Check us out

* - Scape is Free as of now. The Free is a TRIAL basis based on my suggestions and the feelings of many who I have talked with about it. There is some voiced concern on making it FREE so it has only been agreed upon to TRY it out for now. If we don't get the membership up and the site traffic up and the activity up, and if we don't get a MEETING SCHEDULE so that we can have one or more meetings per month**, then SCAPE will probably crawl under a rock and die.
We don't want that to happen, so WE NEED MEMBERSHIP.
**SCAPE will most likely be chaptered out.
We will probably have monthly meetings within the chapters, but schedule them so they are on different weekends so that members that feel they need to go to more then one meeting (the ones that go from site to site hitting NEW POSTS and do it ALL DAY) can.
Then SCAPE will have a CLUB MEETING with all chapters either every 3, 6 or 12 months.
At the large meetings will be raffle items that are paid for by SCAPE funds collected thru the year.
At every meeting there will be a plant / fish / invert / equipment AUCTION.

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