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Free: Nannostomus harrisoni (Tube mouth pencilfish)

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Free to good home: 4 pencilfish believed to be Nannostomus harrisoni. Located in Irvine, CA. Free for local pick up. Otherwise who ever wants them pays for shipping.

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Hi. Psidriven

are they still giveing away ?. i would like to have them..but i live in Austin, TX. Do u know how much the shipping would cost ?

I can vouch that they are very healthy fish.
Did you pick those up at Petown? I remember seeing a bunch of them there a few months back.
zubin5i0- might have a local pick up, but i'll let you know if that falls thru.

john p.- actually picked these up along with a few other random pencilfish at octopus' garden in berkeley about 6 months ago. does petown get pencilfish often? i definately want some head or tailstanders. actually any smaller pencil fish other than the espei would be great. would love to know the scientific name if anybody knows it off hand.
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