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I am doing a trim and rescape on 2 of my tanks and have the following plants available for anyone who wants to pick them up. Most of the stems are over 8".

Bacopa Caroliniana - 4+ stems
Hygro Angustafolia - 2 nice tall bushy main plants (could be seperated into several)
Sunset Hygro - 4+ medium stems
Variegated Hygro Difformis - 1 medium stem
Prosperpinica Palustris - 3+ stems
Glossostigma - enough to seed about 16 sq. inches
Echinodorus Latifolious - Chain Sword. Several of these.
Blyxa Japonica - 3 or 4 nice stems

Plants come from tanks with mts and ramshorn snails and cherry shrimps.

If no takers, most will go to the barn aquarium tomorrow afternoon.

A couple of them might become white elephant gifts next weekend!!

PM if interested
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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