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Just got back from vacation and the floaters pretty much took over the tank. Plus I just bought a lot of plants from here and need to make room.
Up for grabs is a bunch of floaters
Tons of the following:
red rooter, amazon frogbit, pistia straitoes, najas guadelpensis
duckweed, greater duckweed, salvinia oblongifolia
Lots of java moss (except it has some U. gibba entangled in it)
there is a bit of limnophilia sessiflora, lagisiphoron madagascari, HM and some elatine orientalis
First come first serve. Also I don't have any heatpacks or anything, so keep in mind your weather.
Just PM me if you want any and paypal only, $5 to cover shipping.
If you want a lot shipping will be $6 but besides that pick any and all you want.
Thanks Joe
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
Not open for further replies.