I will not ship. Please do not ask. If you don't know where Cambria is, or what SLO County is, you probably aren't close enough to drive.

If anyone her is in SLO County (or Monterey Co., if you want to drive) and wants to come to Cambria for free Sunkist Orange Shrimp. I will let them go two to three dozen at a time, depending on interest; mixed sexes, mixed sizes. You will get a good variety. You may even get some berried females. These are typically B-C grade shrimp, but if you aren't concerned with top quality colors, these are, of course, a great deal. The original stock came from three different sellers, so the genetics are good, I just haven't been culling for color.

I am keeping these in RO with a bit of GH booster. I can supply a bit extra tank water too for acclimation purposes if you want as well.

I do not need trades, I am not looking for anything in return. I just need to thin the herd a bit. Weeknights are best, but some weekend times are available as well.

Post here or hit me through the message system and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Please forgive any slow responses. I am not at the computer constantly.


- Michael.