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Friend's Nano tank.

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2 months old tank. Look pretty empty. This is b4 I help on him to rescape.

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This is after i rescaped. Pic taken after just completed the scaping. Water still cloudy... Mini riccia flying everywhere.

side view
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Beautiful aquarium and lots of improvement! Please keep us updated as it grows out. :)

yes yes lots of pics!
Job very well done.

I think it is much better. I like the use of the riccia covered rocks and the placement of the red plants.

What guided you on your design layout?
Hi, I design/setup this tank without any guide. I just used up what I am having and go for it. Due to the tank's owner wants to keep some old plants and 2 of his crown loach inside the tank.

Unfortunately, the tank look like **** now. This is because of the owner never take care of it. He never change the water for a month plus. Never put the fertilizer which I prepared for him. And the light on for 24 hours. The CO2 leaking to the air due to he got nothing to do and play around at the regulator.

I was so sad after I saw the tank grow with hair algae, Black Brush algae and lot of plants melting.

Will help him to rescaping again. Then only post the pic.
i love it.
what is the size of your tank?
keisuke said:
i love it.
what is the size of your tank?
it is 1.5ft long x 1.5ft wide x 2.5ft tall.
I would really apreciate if you would refrain from cursing. My sons use this forum. They are already slammed enough from other forms of media.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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