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Frio River results::UPDATED

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Here is a pic of plants I found over the weekend on the Frio River in Texas. Just a quick post for now...more details and pics to come when I find a host for them. Any ideas on the ID's?
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well ive got everything planted so maybe tonight i will get a chance to shoot some more pics....hopefully then maybe we can get some id's.
I'd say the plants on the upper half of the right tray are definitely Potamogetons.

Lower left in the left tray looks like Ludwigia, but it's hard to be sure at that distance.
The bottom of the right tray is a Myriophyllum. The plant with the round leaves in the upper part of the left tray is a Hydrocotyle, probably H. verticillata.
FINALLY some updated pics....please let me know what you think :)
1 - A Potamogeton, probably P. nodosus or something close to it.
2 - I'm no good with grasses.
3 - Hydrocotyle. I'm not good at differentiating between the species. Probably H. verticillata or another similar species.
4 - Myriophyllum sp.
5 - Hmm. Another Potamogeton?
6 - Good ol' Ludwigia repens.
Thanks for the reply! I cant believe I found repens on the frio. I have been wanting it for a while now but havent been able to get any. Turns out its just a few hours away and free! All the plants seem to be doing well. Next weekend im off the the Guadalupe river, and hopefully I'll be as lucky there!
Sir Blackhole,
I could be wrong, and most likely, I am. However, I think the 4th plant could be roots from some other plants. I've seen very similar, red pink roots that look like that in a local pond.
I dont think so. I found them growing in the river in fast moving water. They had roots buried in gravel and the bushy red part sways in the current. There was lots of it growing in the river so im pretty sure it is some sort of Myriophyllum sp.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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