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No doubt this is one of those questions that I should know the answer to, and will betray my ignorance, but it's been bugging me all week. I have Frogbit and Duckweed in all my NPTs but in two of them, the floating plants are growing completely different.

In NPT #3, the roots are ultra short. The average length for the Frogbit is about 1 1/2". The Duckweed roots are about 1/2" long and very difficult to see.

In NPT #4, the roots are really long. Some of the Frogbit roots are 14" and the Duckweed averages around 2".

So... my question: Do long roots indicate a surplus of some particular nutrient, or do they grow long because a particular nutrient is in short supply and the extra length pulls that nutrient from the water more effectively? :confused:

Is there any difference in daylength and lighting between the two tanks? My water sprite had short roots (1 inch or less) with 10-12 hr daylength. They didn't look too hot either. I increased daylength to 14 hr. Now plants have long roots and are growing like crazy.

Floating plants do best when we set up "summertime conditions" with long day and warm temperatures. Its a plant hormonal thing and has nothing to do with nutrition.

I tried to upload a photo of my Water Sprite with short roots and paste it to this letter as an attachment file. Its a regular jpg file of 22 KB. If a patient, interested someone wants to try getting it into this thread, just write me at <[email protected]> and I'll send picture.
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