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From start to the end

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Hi everyone,

This scape is no longer exist,so i thought to share with you some pictures for his memory...:violin:
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what substrate did you use and what are you doing with it now that the scape is no longer goin? are you redesigning it?
Love it! Too bad it's gone. Great rocks, great plants and placement. :D
Thank you Guys:rolleyes:

wicca27,the substrate is quartz,power send and amazonia.I'm doing nothing :cool: i'll replace it with the new scape to come...

Very beautiful tank! Nicely done!
Can you tell us dimensions of the tank and something about ferts that you used?
That was so nice. More info please. I hope one day I can have a tank that is half as good.
Very nice--truly refined. We would love to hear more specs and history.
in the end it looked absolutely amazing.

the plants are wonderfully groomed, including the HC which looks great as a bush, rather than i tidy carpet.

you have great plant skill
Thanks again :p

Tank size:70X55X40H
Lighting:4X24W t5+2X18W t8=132W 8hours a day.
Substrate:As i mentioned,quartz to create the hills..power sand and 3cm of Amazonia on top.
Ferts:Flourish trace,Flourish iron,NPK DIY-daily and Flourish Excel after every 50% WC once a week.

that's it i guess...;)

Thank you for sharing such a fantastic tank!
It is such fun to get this kind of feedbacks...:p Thank you all

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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