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I have FS roughly 10lbs of Mopani driftwood and roughly 42lbs of regular flourite(1 1/2 yrs old). The flourite is about 13% black gravel. Mopani sinks without soaking. The mopani will need a good cleaning and the flourite should be boiled to kill anything that might still be living. The Mopani package is the 6 pieces pictured below. All the peices are around a foot long. You could scape a 30-50g nicely and probably 40L - 65g.

Mopani DW(10lbs 6 pcs) pictured below- $40 shipped

Regular Flourite with a touch of black gravel(42lbs) - $30 shipped

Here are this pics of the 6pcs of DW that totals 10lbs.

Pc 1

Pc 2

Pc 3

Pc 4

Pc 5

Pc 6

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