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FS: 2 Cherry Shrimp Package

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Here's the breakdown:
*Shrimps will be in breather bag.
*Box will have Styrofoam. Please watch your local weather. It should be fine as long as it's not freeezing!
*Juveniles are tiny (smaller than 1/4 of an inch)
*They will have bits of plants to hang on to during shipping.
*You will get more juveniles than adults. They ship better. I cannot guarantee on the # of adults you will get.
*non-credit card paypal accepted.

shipping this coming Wednesday. If no delays due to holiday, you should get them Saturday. No guarantee.
OR This coming Friday so that you should be able to get them on Monday.
I pack well so delays won't be that much of an issue.
Your choice.

Shrimp Package #1
*Mixed sex, mixed adults and juveniles
*25 shrimps
$19 shipped.

Shrimp Package #2

*All juveniles, super small and cute.
*18 shrimps
*Extras included
$13 shipped.

pictures tell the whole story. These are adults:

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Package 1 SOLD.
Package 2 SOLD.

I need to do a recount of shrimps before they will become available again. Thanks!
This will probably be the last package for a while. I'm having a hard time counting how many shrimps I have in a planted tank

Shrimp Package #3
*Mixed sex, mixed adults, young adults, and juveniles
*25 shrimps
Extra babies included!
$19 shipped.
Payment pending on pg. #3 . Thanks!
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