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I am about to go off to college and i am not allowed to have my 30cm tank with me. it is a Mr. Aqua 30 cm x 30 cm cube and i believe it is roughly 8 gallons.
with this i will include the 2 cherry shrimps, 2 pygmy cores, 1 amano shrimp, and two ottos. also the eheim 2213 filter, the glass pipes (they are an off brand but they work great), the HOB filter i use when i am cleaning my glass pipes, the ADA thermometer, the aquasoil in it (i think it may have a little much in it), the 27w Hampton Bay lamp, all of my chemicals for the water which include close to half full bottles of Flourish Trace, Excel, and their comprehensive supplement. A mostly full bottle of Seachem Prime. A jar of Alkaline and Acid buffer, a pH test kit, a half full bottle of Kent marine iron supplement.
The hardscape i have is a bunch of nice wood. they are small pieces to fit the tank. i also have some cool rock that i got at a LPS. it looks similar to the rocks used in many ADA aquascapes.

all of this new cost around $300.
I will take $200 OBO and i will not be able to transport if you live far away from me.
i live north of Dallas in McKinney. PM me if you are interested.
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