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FS: 3M Colorquartz Grade T Gravel

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I just purchased 3 bags of 3M Colorquartz Grade T gravel. I just need 1 bag and the dealer would only sell it as a 3-bag set. Hence this post and I'm selling it at cost for fellow hobbyists.

I'm shipping a 42-lb Large Flat-Rate USPS box tomorrow. I can do the same package for $30 shipped.

In addition, I can also ship a 20-lb package for anyone interested for $20.

You can see the details in another thread at:

Picture 1 Picture 2

Please let me know if you're interested.

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GREAT deal for those who can't find it locally!

Heck, it isn't a bad deal for me and I can find it locally! :) We pay about $30 for a 50 pound bag in my area.
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