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Hello, I am leaving the country soon and need to sell my planted 55gal tank and fish. I sold most of my plants already. For plants I currently have:

2 full branching stalks of Ludwigia arcuata
2 small plants of Hydrocotyle verticillata
2 small Cyptocoryne wendtii "bronze"
African fern
I still a small amount of needle leaf Java and some baby reg. java
mabey some reminents of java moss in the tank

3 Neon, 3 glowlight, 2 cardinal tetras, 6 Harlequin Rasboras, 2 german rams, 2 flying foxes and a clown pleco.

The tank is in great condition, it comes with an oak stand, 1 large piece of bog root, 1 small peice of bog root, and a med sized piece of drift wood. I have an eheim pro 2026 with plenty of filter pads and an extra empeller (filter alone cost over 200). I have a new 48inch florescent light strip. I will throw in a bunch of ferts, food, and chems.

$300 OBO, Local pick up in MD only, PM me for more info.

Pic is before I sold my java moss and most of my ferns.


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