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FS: Beautiful planted tank system + matching wood canopy and stand, plants, fish, etc. - EVERYTHING you need for a beautiful low-maintenance plant tank with gorgeous fish.

For pickup only in Manhattan near American Museum of Natural History on Upper West Side. Relocating to West Coast.

Please EMAIL me if you are interested. No time to clear PM inbox now while traveling and anyway I've subscribed to this thread with instant email notification.

Additional accessories also available below separately from tank.

75 gallon glass tank 48 in. long x 18 wide with black background on outside
Stained and finished wooden stand
Stained and finished custom wooden hood, with 99% reflective heavy duty mylar lining for high reflectivity
Rena XP3 filter with all substrates, including ceramic first layer, macro and micro foam layers, nano-bio balls bio layer
Stealth 200 Watt heater (black color makes it almost invisible)
Thermometer - internal
Thermometer - on glass model
Dark gray Soilmaster Select substrate (one of the best you can use)
2 light timers, each controlling 2 48" T8 high-efficiency plant bulbs
2 light high-light transmission plexiglass tank covers
2 high-efficiency electronic ballasts, each controlling 2 T8 bulbs
2 nearly new Phillips F32T8 ADV850 bulbs + 2 new spare bulbs (one of the highest-rated T8 plant bulbs for photosynthetic efficiency in combination with the Aquarelle below, documented on web)
2 Phillips F36T8 Aquarelle bulbs 10,000K + 2 new spare bulbs
Fish net
17 in. plant pincer/scissor
Long-handled algae scraper (never need it anymore thanks to magnetic glass cleaner below)
Large pair of magnetic glass cleaners
CO2 Tank 15 lb (not necessary for these plants, but you can use if you'd like to accelerate growth)
Marin sea salt (I add 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons, great for the fish and plants)
Baking soda (I add 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons, great for the fish and plants)
Epsom salts (I add 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons, great for the fish and plants)
Seachem Flourish Excel full 2L bottle
Seachem Flourish 500ml bottle (micronutrient solution)
PPS Pro, 1 Liter bottle (macronutrient solution)
Amquel dechlorinator
Two 5 gallon buckets
Fluval surface skimmer (fits Rena XP3 intake)
Python 25 ft water changer and siphon
Extra siphon
Perfect river and sand stones for natural Tanganyikan environment
Large shells for ocellatus gold shell fish
2-3 tall black 13 gallon plastic garbage cans perfect for transporting the fish

FISH- Tanganyikan Community Tank
J. Marlieri - 2 breeding pairs + lots of young to medium-size fish
Neol. Leleupi Orange - a magnificent adult specimen
Altolamprologus Calvus White (beautiful specimen)
Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis x 2 (beautiful full-size adults, great color)
Lamprologus' ocellatus Gold x 2
Ancistrus Bristlenose Pleco, orange, x 2 (best algae cleaning fish ever had, very active and lots of personality)
Synodontis petricola x 2 (full size at about 3.5 in., hardy bottom-cleaning fish that major cichlid dealers love to use to keep their tanks in good condition)

PLANTS - these plants were set up for low maintenance (very little pruning necessary), but you can plant anything you like in this tank with this light set up. When all bulbs are on you can grow high growth plants with C02. I just planted low growth plants a few months ago so friends could take care of them easily while we were away (with these plants CO2 isn't necessary, only Seachem Excel and some micro and macro nutrients).
Various medium-size amazon swords
Various crypts, green, red, etc.
Java fern narrow leaf well established on rocks
Dwarf Anubias Nana well established affixed to rock
Extra accessories

Aquaclear Hang on back filter, large size, brand new
20 lb seiryu stones
30 lbs sand stones
Lace rock
2 air pumps and air stones
Tom Aquatic gardener 27 ¼ in. pincer and scissor
African driftwood heavy medium-size
Red Sea CO2 reaktor 500
Powerhead quick filter
Polyester filter cotton
Aquarium pharm tap water ion exchange
Fluval biomedia, enough for large canister filter compartment
Marine Enterprises Hydrometer w/thermometer
CO2 tubing
Lee's black stealth tubing
Flexible tubing

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Bay Area (Palo Alto), though will be back on E Coast frequently. Rich you'll have to tell me about the local clubs and best LFSs. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

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Whew, after a hectic move out to the W Coast, moving again once out here, getting settled and meeting David H. and all the wonderful people at SFBAAPS (San Francisco Bay Area Aquatic Plant Society), I'm finally getting around to selling our tank and supplies in NY, which has been maintained in our apartment in NY which we've been subletting out. The tank is in excellent condition, all the fish and plants are thriving, though I converted most of the plants to slow growers (various crypts, petite anubias nana, a few large swords) in order to make the tank easier to maintain.

I shipped the Seiryu stones to California to use in a new setup so those are not available anymore but most of everything else including the entire tank setup with all fish, plants, hood, stand, equipment, etc. is for sale.

The buyer would have to pick up the tank in Manhattan right next to the Museum of Natural History. Pickup would be from now through end of September.

I'll look over to price but rest assured I'll be offering the full tank setup at a very attractive price in order to find a good home for the fish and plants.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL ME (just click on my username and select email) - it's easier for me and more direct than PM.

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Fortrannyman, all of those items are available if you are still interested, and the Red Sea Reaktor and Aquaclear Hang On Back Filter are brand new. Will sell them for 30% off retail and ship them insured wherever you like in the lower 48 USPS Priority or Ground - shipping will be whatever it costs.

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Hi xximanoobxx, sorry, selling all the plants and fish together with the tank. It will be a great deal because I'd like to have the tank and all its fish and plants go to the same home. There will be extra equipment and accessories we'll be selling as well.

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OK you can't beat FREE!!!

The woman who agreed to arrange pickup of the tank today, and arranged transport with our local Petland, had Petland personnel flake out last minute. If Petland doesn't correct matters tomorrow morning, and she doesn't step forward to arrange to otherwise pick up the tank tomorrow morning, the tank, with it's gorgeous walnut stand and canopy, super healthy and thriving Tanganyikan community, lots of Crypts, some dwarf Anubias and a giant Amazon sword, beautiful river stones, dark gray plant gravel, lighting, XP3 filter, Stealth heater, Koralia pump, etc.




from the W. 70s on the Upper West Side of Manhattan close to the Museum of Natural History.

Pick up time is very flexible, but has to be tomorrow.

All you'll need are fish bags and rubber bands (or buckets with lids) for the fish and a few buckets. I have a Python you can use to drain the tank and a fish net you can use.

There's also a 15-20 lbs CO2 tank for sale for only $25 and some other accessories for sale for anyone who picks up the tank.

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