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FS: AC 50, 30 & Jebo Filters, Fertilizers, Ballasts, Light Bulbs, Decors & more ...

Hey folks,

Cleaning out to make space for a new setup coming soon. All the listed prices are open to reasonable offers if you would like to purchase more than 1 item, but PLEASE only make offer via private messaging. Thanks.

All items are cleaned and ready to be shipped.


Finnex Pico Light Cover: Brand New inside and out. Just an extra cover I didn't use. $5

AquaClear 50: Lightly used. Looks and functions flawlessly.
Includes all original parts + NEW Carbon/Ammonia Neutralizing Blend from Marineland. $20
AquaClear 30: SOLD
Jebo 501: Lightly used. Only missing the inflow pipe (can easily be made with a DIY) and carbon inserts. $5
Get BOTH for only $24! :partyman:

SunPark Electronic Ballast: 120V/60Hz Model SL15T
Taken apart from NO fixtures for DIY. Brand New. Only ONE left. $5

RedSea Turbo D-800 CO2 Reactor/Diffuser: More efficient than the 500 model. Includes fairly long high quality CO2 hose. $35

HE Compact Florescent Bulbs: All are Brand New & 6500K bulbs. Taken from Finnex fixtures so these aren't knock offs.
13W - Double bright $7
26W - Triple bright $13
Get BOTH for only $18! :partyman:

Flourish Liquid Fertilizers: Large 500ml sizes & are ALL Brand New!
Flourish Nitrogen - $8
Flourish Phosphorus - $8
Flourish Iron - $8
Flourish Potassium - $8
Get ALL 4 for only $30! :partyman:

Plastic Plants Decor: The first 2 glows in the dark. A very bright glow too! Take ALL 4 for only $5

Plant Backgrounds: 2 for 10G and 1 for 29G
10G #1 (back is blue sky effect) - $2
10G #2 (back has sea corals) - $2
29G (back is pitch black) -$4
Get ALL 3 for only $5! :partyman:

Shipping: Shipping prices will vary depending on the item and the method used to ship. PM me with your inquiry and I can better assist you with the shipping prices and options available.
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