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FS: assorted plant package - free shipping

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For sale, 2 x plant packages that will include the following minimum amount of plants/species. I'll definitely throw in some extras.
  • 10 x Ludwigia arcuata (stems)
  • 8 x Bacopa caroliniana (stems)
  • 20 x Rotala rotundifolia (stems)
  • 20 x Pistia stratiotes (plants)
  • 8 x Hygrophila brown/thai (stems)
  • 5 x Alternanthera reineckii 'ocipus' (stems)
  • 3 x Limnophila aromatica (stems)
  • 3 x Hygrophila Pinitifida (stems)
  • 20 x Hydrocotyle japan (nodes)

All plants will be trimmed from the following tank.

You can view the specifics of the tank on, my ADA journal thread.

Each Package is $40.00 USD.
2-3 day Priority Shipping is free to continental US.
72hr heatpacks are +$2.50 USD.

Payment is paypal only, send me a PM via APC with your Paypal address, and I will send you an invoice through Paypal. I like to package and ship on Mon-Wed so the plants don't get stuck at the carrier on Sunday.
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No takers....
The price of the above packages is now $32.00 USD.
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