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FS: Balls 'ol Tang

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These guys just grows crazy for me, throw a small piece in the tank and next thing you know BAM a nice cushy ball of Subwassertang. These neat little guys are somewhat similar to Pellia, the texture of the plant feels kind of the same although their grow are somewhat different.

Can be attached to rocks or driftwood, but I just let the guys sit and dangle into a ball after about 2-3 weeks or so.

Asking $5 bucks per piece, add an extra $6 bucks for shipping. I can ONLY accept Non CC PayPal payments, so please NO debit, credit, or eChecks.

If you are interested in more than one piece, let me know.

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Hey John! I'll buy one or two.. no need to ship, though, 'cause we're neighbors! I'll PM you for more info.

They look fun and scrunchy...!

Nice, still need to receive your PM =D
All are PENDING at the moment, will update if I still have any available.
this plant can be trimed to put is small like moss?
You can certainly trim it how ever you like, it won't necessarily grow into a ball. If you attach it like a rock or driftwood it will grow horizontally across the base and pile up on itself as well.
ya it grows like a moss from what ive read.

i got a little clump that came in with some plants i bought about 6 weeks ago, hasnt grown that much for me though. do you run co2 and dose etc?
Yeah, CO2 and dose once a week.
I am all out for now, sorry.
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