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Selling some of my extra stocks, shipping will be $5 priority mail or free local pickup in Bay area, CA.

1. Bio filter ball
- Marineland, 90 balls per bag. Each ball is roughly half inch in diameter. I have two bags, each bag for $6. $12 for both.

2. Phosphate remover - Phospure 150g from Dr. Foster & Smith, almost never used - $5
- Bind phosphate permanently without leaching for total phosphate removal. Special blend of commercial strength granulated ferric hydroxide quickly removes phosphate, arsenic and heavy metals from the water column for cleaner, healthier aquariums. Powerful, nontoxic formulation can be used in a variety of applications to adsorb nutrients that cause scum safely and effectively. Ideal for both freshwater and marine applications.

3. Phospure plus from Dr. Foster & Smith, almost never used - $7
- Combination chemical filter media for total phosphate removal and ammonia control. Contains a special blend of commercial strength granulated ferric hydroxide and high capacity cation-exchange resin. Safely and effectively removes large amounts of phosphate, arsenic, silicate, heavy metals, and ammonia. Powerful, nontoxic formulation can be used in a variety of applications to adsorb nutrients that cause aquarium and pond scum and other pollutants that result from tap water or from normal biological processes. For fresh and saltwater aquariums.

4. Seachem De-nitrate 800g, 60% left - $8
- Removes and controls nitrates, nitrites and ammonia. Also removes organic build-up and provides high porosity support for your biological filter. For marine or freshwater use. 800 g treats approximately 100 gallons, depending on nitrate levels.

5. Current Aquachef auto feeder, never used - $24
- Moisture-resistant, no-clump feeder dispenses flakes, pellets, or crumbled fish food. You set the portion size and feeding times, up to four per day, on the programmable timer. Feeder dispenses single or double feeding (within 60 seconds of first feeding). Holds up to 35 grams of food. Two AA batteries included.

6. Redsea CO2 indicator refill 10ml, never used - $4
- Refill indicator fluid for the CO2 Indicator from Red Sea. I have two bottles, $4 per bottle.

7. Seachem Equilibrium RO Water Conditioner 600g, almost full -$5
- Establish ideal mineral/electrolyte balance in planted aquariums. Seachem Equilibrium also aids in maintaining a complete buffering system. This fast dissolving powder is ideally suited for safe and effective re-mineralization of reverse osmosis and de-ionized water. A 300-gram bottle will treat 380 gallons.

8. Surface skimmer, used, works fine - $8
- Fit 16/22mm tubing, works fine to suck up the oil layer on surface.

9. Marineland Black Diamond Activated Carbon 3.65L, never used - S15
- This activated carbon works faster, better, and longer than the rest. Eliminates foul odors, unsightly discoloration, and harmful organic substances. Heat-activated bituminous coal-based granules are specially sized and far more efficient than coconut, wood, or peat-based carbons. Contains less than 2% moisture. Would prefer local pickup.

10. Marineland White Diamond Ammonia Neutralizer 1.87L, 50% left - $4
Removes ammonia to keep fish safe and water sparkling clear. Reduces stress and mortality rate as it protects against ammonia spikes and further toxic buildup. Removes up to 4 times the ammonia of traditional ammonia removers. Would prefer local pickup.

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