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FS - Blyxa, stems, and moss! or PACKAGE!

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Would like to do a trim on my grow out tank before I head out to the AGA convention next week.

Ludwigia sp. 'brevipes' - 10 stems (5-7") for $6
Limnophilia sp. 'aromatica' - 10 stems (5-7") for $6
Taiwan Moss mix w/ Xmas Moss - A bit larger than golf ball - $5
Blyxa sp. japonica - 4-5 rooted stems for $5
Polygonum sp. 'kawaganoeum sp.?" -3 stems for $5

Willing do do a package for $30 shipped.

I accept Non CC PayPal.

+ Extras may be included :)
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Hi im really interested in the Limnophilia sp. 'aromatica' do you still have it left??
-MC- sorry its gone, everything else is SOLD as well.
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