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FS Bolbitis. Lots of it.

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Some traces of BBA, clean by and large though.

$6 per portion, with a portion being 8+ adult leaves.

Can quote large quantities, as can be seen below. My daughter is holding one of the clumps you see in the total pic. For size reference, the styro lid is 16x20.

Can ship tomorrow if paid tonight early tomorrow morning, or ship firs tthing Monday morning. I've no heat packs, so keep weather in mind. $6 shipping, paypal payments. Please specify if you are using CC or non CC paypal please.


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Is the one your daughter holding one portion? Or is it smaller?
She's holding a big clump, that would likely be cut into two. Didn't want to chop anything until folks order in case people wanted larger quantities.
Do you have the clump that your daughter is holding?? i'll take it if you do.

Stevie D
StevieD, yes. Holding it to hear back responded to your pm.

All other pending, thanks folks! Will post if anything falls through.
um would you mind pming me on how you get them to grow so Big and green? im having a bit of trouble on growng this plant. thanks
BTW Ingg,

I did send you my payment, i realized i forgot to respond to the message. Thanks

Stevie D
Still available? What part of the country are you located in?

Sorry, was all sold out a good while ago.
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