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FS - brig snails

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Back by popular demand! I have more of my famous brigs. Ivory, light striped purple, and a couple tan (I seem to have sold all my gold ones).

They are about 1/3 grown.

All the snails you want for $15, USPS Priority within the USA.
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Hi. Will you be trekking to the Columbus fish club's auction October 4th? I'd love to get some snails there.

I bet they would sell well there if you can make the trip. :)
I didn't know there was one! My schedule is very uncertain at the moment.
I'm interested, can I pick the colors? I don't want too many colors in my not so large tanks.
Sure, although the tans (chestnut) are now taken. But I like the ivory and LSP the best anyway :smokin:

-to all-
I'd also be willing to trade for some other colors of snails to diversify my gene pool. Especially jade, they are hard to get.
I also like the lsp and ivory best! PM sent.
Hold off on further orders right now. I have 2 big ones I need to see if I can fill first!
Please contact me when you have some Purple Brigs available - prefer those, would rather not have any golds or chestnuts. Thanks!! JennieB.
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