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FS: Caridina simoni simoni "Sri Lankan dwarf shrimp"

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**SOLD**FS: Caridina simoni "Sri Lankan dwarf shrimp"


6 TR C. simoni available. Will be small, around 1cm or larger. Shipped in breather bags and insulated box. Ice pack available upon request.

Photo is of adults.

Asking $35 shipped. Will include a free portion of stringy moss, pellia, or java moss. Your choice.

Kept in tap water. Prefer warm water (tried keeping them with snowballs and they didnt mix due to tank temp needs). Easy to bred in a species specific tank.

Question? Please ask :)

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When will you have more ?
Can you keep them with Cherry Reds ?
I dunno. This is the first time this year. I had issues with the temp.

I personally don't recommend putting them with other species, but I believe cherries are a different genera and should not interbreed. They do group and regroup Neocaridina and Caridina, so who knows. May be worth asking Ryan of Planet Inverts since he's probably tried mixing them.
Nope, you're next on the list of those waiting. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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