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Hey guys

I have about 40 harlequins for sale right now because I want to switch to some other fish. They're pretty good at schooling and do best in numbers of atleast 6-8. Of course, the more you have, the more natural they look since they're are in huge numbers in the wild. I got them 2$ a pop when I bought my first batch however many months ago and my second batch (which are currently a bit smaller) many 3-4 months ago. Theyre around maybe 0.75" on average(Grown a lot since I got them). So I'm asking 2$ a pop and buy 5 get one free! Or, take all, +/- 40 for 65$(runs about 1.625 each):)

PM me any questions, text me or email me or whatever, just don't call me :icon_mrgr

Phone number is 503-706-3228, emailing can be used through my profile

Last condition: It would be preferred if you could come pick them up since I'm still a student and can't really drive around unless its the weekend. I'm located in South Beaverton/Tigard

If you would really like me to ship them, please PM me
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