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Too many cherries! I take a bunch of these in to my fish club every month, but there are just too many.

Two of the photos are of adult females, and the other picture is of juvies for sale. The size I'll be shipping are quite small, somewhere around .5". Everything I've read says they ship better and acclimate better when young than as adults, which are typically around an inch long. Males are clear with red lines. Less impressive than the females, but still pretty.

PLEASE NOTE: Fish like to eat, and if they are able to they WILL EAT THESE SHRIMP. That said, I've kept them with many types of fish (cpd's, a half dozen types of cories, several kinds of killies, peacock gudgeons, guppies, etc), and in a well planted tank where they can avoid the fish, they should be fine (although you won't get as many offspring). If you want to be sure your breeding population gets off to a good start, start them in a tank without things that will consider them lunch.

Priority shipping is $8 USPS priority mail, double bagged in normal fish bags with a live arrival guarantee on the cost of the shrimp (but not shipping-- however, I've never had a problem with shipping). Shrimp are $1/each, but if you buy 20 or more, I'll throw in some freebies. I would not recommend trying to start a breeding colony with less than 10.

Feel free to PM with any questions...

For a size reference, the substrate is Turface.

Happy Shrimping!

Cliff in Seattle
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