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Well I went ahead and did some ADA upgrades. I have the following parts forsale. Everything was purchased the last 2.5 weeks of December

GLA Paintball Regulator- $155.00
1 Full and one 98% full 20oz tanks- $60
Cal Aqua Inline Diffuser- $105.00
Cal Aqua Nano Glass Set 13mm- $65.00
Cal Aqua Double Counter- $33.00
Glass Check Valve- $10
2 13 watt OTT Lights (great for a Nano)- $26 ea or $50 pair
2 Eheim 2213 Plates to convert it to the NON Basket Style Setup- $10

I need to recoup some cash to make up for my purchases. Shipping will be either Wednesday or Thursday as everything is susposed to arrive Wednesday. I may also have my Eheim 2213 up forsale depends on what I think of the Eheim 2211.

Shipping will be from 52404 and Pickup is availble. Shipping will be actual shipping charges. Larger Heavier items can go Priority Flat Rate for about $10. Almost Everything was purchased from Orlando and is in Perfect shape. I jsut got hit with the ADA bug... If you look though my thread in the nano forum at you can see pictures of everything running.

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