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Hey all. I haven't been around for awhile. Life is just very hectic between the kids and work :rolleyes:. I've really scaled back my tanks and now I'm going completely low tech to save on the time my tanks require. My loss is your gain. I'm selling both of my CO2 systems. Below is my standard system. If your looking for a paintball system see my other thread.

This setup is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Basically all you'll need to add is some tubing, a diffusor or reactor and fill the CO2 tank. I've added up what you would pay for all the following items if bought new and it's about $225 without the shipping. I'll sell the entire setup for $170 shipped. I will only sell this as a package at this time and I accept Paypal only (cc or non-cc doesn't matter). PM if interested.
This includes:
1) Rex Grigg built Cornelius regulator with Clippard solenoid and Clippard needle valve.
2) Aluminum 5lb CO2 tank (empty) stamped with an '06 date so no hydro-test needed
3) MK-I Perma Seal
4) One Brass Check Valve
5) Bubble counter

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