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I was accepted into grad school and can't take this tank with me, so I sold it and the buyer is picking it up Sunday. Someone from the local club was going to come get plants from me but he just flaked out right now so I need these plants to go to a good home immediately. I'm putting together some 2.5g and 10g tanks for fun that can go with me, but I can't take it all.

So, what's in it?
First, a disclaimer, I've had problems with and probably haven't full eradicated cladophora. I eventually settled on treating it daily with 2ml of 50% glutaraldehyde which slowly kills the clado and doesn't kill off the moss or valsineria. However, the Val was severely damaged by an OD of the GA. The plants you get may still contain some clado spores. Every order will be shipped with a 500ml bottle of 2% glutaraldehyde (flourish excel concentration) for you to finish treatment.

Now, for the plants in it:
Anubias - SOLD

Ground Cover:
Eleocharis parvula, dwarf hairgrass - I love this stuff, it makes a beautiful carpet and will survive low light conditions and its growth rapidly ramps up into high light conditions. Each square inch is equivalent to the little cups that you buy in a petstore, so $1/ sq inch.
Marsilea minuta, dwarf water clover - this will grow from medium to high light, preferring high light of course. It doesn't grow as well as the eleocharis, but its paddle shaped leaves are very nice - if grown emersed the leaves 4 leaf clover shaped. $1/sq inch
Lilaeopsis ruthiana, dwarf lilaeopsis - another pretty ground cover. medium - high light conditions. $1/sq inch

Over 10 square inches of ground cover and the price is $0.50/sq inch, so 20 square inches is $15.

Peacock Moss: I got this from overseas thinking I could put it on rocks like java moss. Unlike java moss it doesn't attach to rocks. But its beautiful, it highly branching and grows in a wide variety of conditions happily, low to high light, etc. I would sandwich it between meshes and let it form walls. These will have to be taken down every few months and remade since the moss will grow so much it'll shade the part sandwiched and then detach. Three fistfulls, $10/each.

Stem Plants:
Myriophyllum sp., the standard stuff - I just put it in, need to take it out. I'll throw in a handful for $2.
Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Brazilian pennyworth - This is great stuff. It grows floating in mats, or planted as a stem plant. Its hardy and tolerant and very fast growing - it'll show you nutrient deficiences before anyone else. Med-high light. Fistful for $5
Bacopa monnieri, dwarf bacopa - This is superior to regular bacopa, IMO. It can take lower light, and grows faster. It will grow as a mat or planted as a stem plant. If you let it reach the top it'll flower. I have a few fistfulls of it too, $5/each

Tell me what you want, send me money via paypal including shipping, and I'll send them off Monday morning. I live in North Carolina. Tell me what shipping option you want. I'll be disassembling the tank tomorrow. If you have any questions call me at 910 297 7964


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