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FS: Eleocharis parvula = **sold but thanks for looking**

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I sent someone a package this morning as in the photo above. I have another like it to go out this afternoon by priority mail. The photo is the width of two kitchen towells. I'll comb it so it does not look as if it has just got out of bed...

If you are interested, PM me right now so I can get the package out with our other mail.

Paypal only, inclusive of mailing $15.00'

(I remember sometime back buying 3 clumps about the size of the largest in the photo for $7.00 each!!)

Andrew Cribb
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I don't need any, but if I did that is a nice price and I'd be all over it :)
Good luck!
:) Thanks. I didn't want to complete with you on Aquabid since the new ADA-style tank for 2005 competitions is a must-have (to save you from that Reefing habit...)

Andrew Cribb
hehe...thanks. Toss up your auctions. I'm doing quite well on auctions. Get some funding yourself!

I already spend small fortune at ADG on ADA supplies :D

Right now I am seeing about some DIY lighting or T5's or MH/T5s or....damn..there goes more money LOL

There is no turning back for me...the reef will have to wait till I graduate LOL
A few questions

Concerning the Eleocharis,

How much light do they need? (I have a 75 gal /w/ 220W 6500K PC).

What kind of substrate do they need?

(My tank has a one 40 lb bag of flourite, along with 40lbs regular gravel with laterite mixed in. I am going to add an additional 20lbs of sand).

My tank currently has fish in it, and I am trying to rework it as to have a nice bed of eleocharis in the forground. So far all I have is some pieces of driftwood with Java fern attached and some Java moss growing on rocks. (have clown loaches so I might design a "cage" to place over the eleocharis so it doesn't get uprooted.

I use RO/DI and have not used Co2 as of yet (the tank is only half full-paludarium style with two mangrove seedlings) so I hope to get away with a pop bottle style. Should I switch to Tap?

Tank has Eheim 2213 classic as filtration.
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Robitreef - I responded to your other post on this one.

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