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FS: Erio Japan, Taco, Sulawesi, Aust. Blood, Australia

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FS: Erio Shiga, Taco, Sulawesi, Aust. Blood, Australia, Japan


ERIO. sp from Shiga Prefecture
(滋賀県 name of Japan region) $ 30

Level: 2 stars (5 stars hardest to keep)
Temp.:22~29 C / 71-84 F

ERIO. sp from Brazil Baia (Mini TACO small octopus) $ 30

Level : 5 stars
Temp.:22~26 C / 71-78 F

ERIO. of Sulawesi $ 22

Level: 2 stars
Temp.:22~29 C / 71-84 F

Other spec. :
small amount of Aust., Aust. Blood, Thailand, Singapore, Japan

* ALL Erio requires CO2 system
* the Erio you got may be not from the picture, but same type with similar size.
* Erio is a sensitive plant. During shipping days, lack of lighting, unstable water, and temp, it has chance of turning brown or melt, but I ship only healthy plants. I grantee no DOA on Express only.
Buy and choose according shipping as your decision.

USPS shipping.

Thanks for your interest,
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BIG BUMP for the top 2 Erios!!!! Super rare + my favorite Mini Taco is on the scene!
:) thanks for the bump,

Mini Taco has no regular size type erio. It is just the common name of them.
newly grown Taco around a penny size, and mature one show as above quarter size or larger

one for the great foreground
Is the "ERIO. sp from Shiga Prefecture" what they sell at AFA under the name "Erio. Mini"?
They look the same to me. If not, would you happen to know what Erio mini is?
:) pm replied

EBIchua, are their leaf wide and growing curvy toward soil?
If yes, I think that will be erio. mini Taco

I think AFA import some Erio too as I saw last time.
Nope, it doesn't curl. It's like a miniature Erio Cinereum.
Oh, so that isn't a Erio of Mini Taco.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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