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FS:Erio, parva, hygro, and more!

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Eriocaulaceae type 3~ Very awesome rare plant~4 stems available they will be approx. 4"~haven't trimmed them yet this is an estimation. 8.00~each stem~
I grow it in high light and aquasoil, I can only assume that it will do better in softer water
Link to a few photos,

Crypt parva~ Looking to start a foreground? I have lots for sale. The smallest crypt, sweet plant! Grows fairly slow, took about 4-5 months to fill the foreground on my 55~4.00 per plant, minimum order of 3 plants. Will discount over 12 plants. Lots of plants available. SOLD

Hygro 'Low grow'~tends to creep and send up side shoots~makes a great mid ground in medium to large tanks~ real nice plant!~8 stems~SOLD
Very well could be Staurogyne sp. read about it here

Fissidens fontanus~golfball portion 12.00 (1 portion for sale)

Shipping is 6.00 for any of the above

Keep your weather in mind, don't let the plants sit outside in a mailbox all day. Payment by paypal, if credit card you pay the fees.
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