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FS: Eriocaulon Mini, Taiwan Moss, Utricalaria Folioso/Australis(?), Rotala varieties

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My eriocaulon minis are all flowering and I've decided to cut a few in half. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to keep these cut plants, so I need to get rid of a few...

I have 2 available (maybe more) $25 ea
Picture shown is BEFORE the cut.
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I also have Taiwan Moss available for sale.
$5 per golfball

Rotala Nanjeshan - 6 stems for $3 (1 avail)
Rotala Green - 6 stems for $3 (1 avail)
Rotala Rotundifolia - 6 stems for $3 (1 avail)
Rotala Wallichii - 6 stems for $3 (1 avail)
Rotala Indica - 6 stems for $3 (1 avail)
Rotala Indica 'singapore' - 6 stems for $5 (1 avail)
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The singapore one, from what I've seen, turns a nicer pink than the regular indica. It is much brighter, the entire stem turns a beautiful pink. Regular indica on the other hand is really faint.

Utricalaria Folioso/Australis - $3 per stem (4-5 inches)
I'm not really sure what this is. It could be either...? Interesting carnivorous plant nonetheless.
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BUYER CAUTION: I do not carry heat packs. Please be wary of your weather! I'll ship them bagged up in a moist paper towel. With newspaper for insulation. I do not have any heat packs.

Payment via paypal. non-cc is preferred. If using cc-paypal, please cover the charge
Shipping is $6
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I'm interested in a few plants but I can't see the pics- and I am not signing up for facebook just to see. Can you host them on or
Interesting, I wonder why it did that.
Let me try uploading it on APC... I did those links for TPT.

There we go. The image of the rotala is singapore. Not going to bother posting up the other rotala images, it's pretty basic.
Pm sent.
where are you located?
Indica singapore sold out
Waliichii sold out

Both eriocaulon minis are pending
Erio mini both sold! (on TPT)

I am located in San Jose, CA.
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