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FS:Erios, moss, plants, "needlewheel" powerhead

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It was a major tank rearrangement today, and some stuff has to go!

Golf ball+ of flame moss: $5, one available pending

Golf ball+ of Xmas moss:$5, seven available all pending
Some of this moss has a bit of UG entangled in it, if you would specifically like a moss ball with or without UG, just let me know.

Small bunch of Rotala nanjenshan: free to the first person who requests it gone

Anubias nana 'petite': due to the presence of some BBA and snail damage, I am selling these at $2 a piece or $10 for all 7, seven available all pending

A couple nice nodes with runners of Ranunculus inundatus: $3, one available gone

A nice bunch of Najas 'Roraima': due to the extremely brittle nature of this plant, most of the stems are very small, they will grow fast though! $5, two available, picture shows both bunches both pending

I'm also letting go of two of my nicer Erio sp. 'mini': $12 a piece, two available both sold

Also available, a modded maxi-jet 400. The impeller has holes melted into it to chop up CO2 bubbles in a needlewheel like fashion. The intake strainer has been cut to allow an airline to be placed within.
This was used for a few months, and did a nice job chopping bubbles at the 2 bps I was running. It will function with either pressurized or DIY CO2. The price is $20 shipped.

Shipping for any amount of plants is $6. Please keep your local weather in mind and don't let the plants freeze, I don't use heatpacks. Paypal or Credit card via paypal only, thanks.
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I forgot to mention, I'll be happy to trade for weeping moss, crypt. parva or petchii.
All plants are now sold or pending to be sold. The maxi jet is still available.
Let me know if the petite nana falls through. If so, I'll take it.
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