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The time has come around again to thin the bamboo groves.

After reading this thread, I thought that someone may be able to use the culled culms.

I haven't been through the groves yet this yr, but I expect the extras to be between 1/4" and 3/4" in diameter. Height will probably be between 4' and 6', but I can cut to whatever length you need for shipping.

I'm asking $.70 per culm straight through, + shipping by USPS for small culms, or UPS for larger. May consider trading for plants depending on what you have.

The species are Phyllostachys bissetii and Ph. nuda. Both have one to two branches per node. Branches can be left on or trimmed off, whichever you prefer. Trimmed off would give a nice vertical architectural feel, but with the branches left on, it could easy be made into a "tree" with java moss (not included).

The culms will be fresh and green first yr culms with lower silica content than older culms. You can sun dry them on your patio or similar area.

Both groves are pesticide free, but I still recommend boiling just the same as any other wood product before adding to an aquarium.
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