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Cambarellus Montezumae - dwarf crayfish

Hi there. We are young Cambarellus Montezumaes. We promise that if you buy us, we will behave in your planted tank and will not eat your plants or dig them out. We also, promise not to eat your community fish and you can even keep us with dwarf shrimp.
We are tank raised and are looking for a nice home aquarium that provides us with tons of fun.

Hoping to get adopted,
The Montezumaes

PS. Read below

Five cambarellus montezumae for $35.00 including live arrival guarantee

Shipping is Free

Live arrival guarantee: In case of DOA, I will need you to send me a photo of the cray no later than three hours after first delivery attempt.If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Here is a picture of how my parents look like:

Here is a picture of what I might look like:

I am also opened to trades:

Yellow shrimp
Crystal black shrimp
Crystal red shrimp
Super red cherry shrimp
Blue tiger shrimp

PM me if interested.
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