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FS/FT: MTS...once again

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It's been a while, but I'm back and have plenty of MTS. I'm asking $6 shipped. You let me know how many you want. I can probably handle a few orders of 100.
Depending on location, I will ship on Wednesday. Past Wednesday then I will ship first thing Monday.

If offering trade, just looking for nice runner type, rosette, or floaters. I have a NPT.

Thanks! :D
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Going to start cleaning up this weekend.
If nothing by Monday then they're going to the trash.

Still interested in trades. Mainly any Hygrophila except low grow and difformis.
Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Mainly used to stir substrate. Multiply more than rabbits. :)
oh right! I think I remember now.... and do they eat plants? what do they look like?

Mine don't necessarily look like that, but the same kind.
the descriptions of tank take overs scares me a little, but I have some very hungry tiger barbs :-D that might take care of some of them lol... I like the look better than normal pond snails (what I have) hmmm.. and 6 bucks you say?
$6, and since your the only one right now. I can give you all I can get my hands on, probably around 200. If you want that many.
Decided to continue this in a PM :)
would you have some more in a couple of months and would they be good with sand and cherry shrimp
They go excellent with sand. I don't see why they wouldn't be fine with cherry shrimp. They pretty much stay hidden all day and usually only come out at night.
I definitely will have more in a couple months.
Just an update. I've cleared out around 150. I still can't see my substrate. :D So if anyone is still interested, I still have plenty! :)
Just wanted to address the $6 deal if this is an issue. Here's the breakdown.
$4.80 for priority shipping
$.47 paypal fee
$.73 to me, not a fee just $6 is a nice even number. If I ask $5 I'm coming out of pocket.
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm not trying to make money off this. Just offering something that will go in the trash if they don't go to anyone. :D
Ok, last call for MTS. I still have some in the tank, but what I have pulled will get trashed tomorrow (Tuesday). Around 75-100 sitting in tupperware.
Thank you to those who did take some!
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